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About Me

Hello. I’m Bob Congdon. I’m a software developer. This is my blog.

I work for Microsoft. I’m still getting used to saying that. I’ll get into more details after the dust settles.

Before Microsoft I worked for IBM. My last project was part of IBM Workplace where we developed Workplace Designer.

Prior to IBM, in 2001, I worked at a startup in Cambridge, MA called Blue Ripple.

Prior to Blue Ripple, I worked for Iris Associates. Iris was a subsidiary of Lotus, which was a subsidiary of IBM, now a division in the IBM Software Business Group. I was an architect and the technical lead for the Lotus Domino Web Server.

Prior to Iris, I worked for seven years at Lotus, initially as an architect on Lotus Improv for NeXT (and then Windows). Improv was very cool but it was difficult for one company to market two very different spreadsheet products. Improv 3.0 was cancelled before it made it to Beta (August ’94). It’s really too bad, It was going to be a terrific product.

After Improv, I did a stint working on a digital video product called Video Notes. I then joined a small team that developed InterNotes Web Publisher and went on to create the Lotus Domino Web Server. Domino was our code name. Lotus decided to use it as the product name (as was done with Notes — also originally a code name). After the first two releases our team joined Iris and continued development as part of the Notes/Domino team.

Prior to working for Lotus and Iris, I worked at a couple of startups (Metagraphics and Cognition) as well as a couple of larger companies (Applicon and Prime Computer). Most of the projects at those companies involved developing software for computer-aided design systems on Unix workstations (SGI, Apollo, Sun, Digital, etc).

I have engineering degrees from RPI and MIT. I also was in the graduate program for software engineering at the Wang Institute of Graduate Studies until it’s demise in 1987. (Too bad, it was a terrific program with an excellent faculty including Phil Bernstein, John Goodenough, Mark Ardis, Gary Perlman and Bill McKeeman).

My interests include software development (especially programming languages), movies (especially independent films), gadgets, gizmos, etc.

We currently live in Redmond, WA where we are raising two boys.

Last Updated January 8th, 2006.

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