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Humorous early software company names

Ned mentioned a type design studio called Underware. Not sure why they call themselves Underware but it reminded me that the original company that developed the Brief text editor was also called Underware (which has a more obvious connection between company and product name). It turns out that there’s another editor called Boxer which was also began as a play on words: another style of men’s underwear.

A couple others I can recall from the early days of PC software were “Pickles and Trout” and BDS. “Pickles and Trout” developed a version of CP/M for Radio Shack TRS-80s. Can’t seem to find any references via Google. BDS stood for “Brain Damaged Software” They wrote a C compiler for CP/M. Most people referred to the compiler as BDS C without necessarily knowing what the acronym stood for. Kind of like KFC trying to hide the fact that “Fried” is part of their name.

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  1. Nathanael says

    OK – talk about stone cold blog entries. However, “Pickles & Trout” were, in fact, the actual surnames of the founders of the company, Dana Trout and ??? Pickles. True story: shortly after founding their company, they hired a guy to answer phones. His surname was Herring,

  2. Jack says

    In the early seventies I was at some kind of technology show. The Japanese were just breaking into the technology biz. They had this innovative idea (or its time), a laser printer that doubled as a copier. The problem was the name. FUCOM. I tried to explain to them that that name wouldn’t fly in the US, but to no avail.

  3. Jason Scott says

    Let me be the next person to come out of the stone cold department and let you know that documentation from Pickles and Trout is now on Here’s some of them:

    Pickles and Trout VEDIT Manual (1983)

    Pickles and Trout TRS-80 2 and 16 Users Manual (1983)

    Pickles and Trout Hard Disk Addendum (1983)


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