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Perl Programmers Rant About Java

Here are two articles on Java by Perl programmers. The first is an article by James Turner from LinuxWorld asking Why Do Java Developers Like to Make Things So Hard?. The second written by Perl programmer Michael Schwern is a rant entitled Why I Am Not A Java Programmer. Both articles make valid points. Java is an improvement over C++ but compared to scripting languages such as Perl or Python, Java is not great at quick programming tasks.

Pete Lyons has been writing about transferring scripting idioms to Java. I think Pete has come up with some interesting ideas but I doubt that it will ever make the Perl crowd happy. I’ve been looking at some of the scripting languages that have been directly implemented in the Java VM. This approach could give us the best of both worlds: scriptable for quick tasks but able to use the vast collection of existing Java packages. One scripting language for the JVM that’s getting a lot of attention is Groovy. JSR-241 is promoting Groovy as a “New Standard Programming Language for the Java Platform”.

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