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Two New Prototype-Based Programming Languages

A couple of recent articles on Slashdot highlight two new prototype-based programming languages that are under development:

Prothon is inspired by Python and Self. The language syntax is similar to Python. The underlying implementation is in C. This is a very early stage project. The 0.1 release is planned for October 2004.

Slate was inspired by Smalltalk and Self. The language syntax is similar to Smalltalk. The underlying implementation is in Common Lisp. This is also a very early stage project.

Protototype-based programming languages may seem exotic but you’ve probably already used one without realizing it. JavaScript is a first class prototype-based language and it’s arguably one of the most popular programming languages around. The Apple Newton system was also programmed in a prototype-based language called NewtonScript. It featured prototypes and an interesting form of delegation. All NewtonScript objects had two inheritance slots, delegation first goes depth-first into the is-a-slot, then into the is-in slot which was used as a link of graphical objects to a container. This could be used to inherit properties and methods such as background color, position, etc. (Via SlashDot)

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