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Life will go on

This is for V. She wanted me to comment on the election results. Normally I don’t blog about politics but I have a head cold today and can use my fuzzy brain as an excuse for anything I post today.

President Bush has been reelected. That’s not the outcome I wanted. Obviously I’m disappointed. John Kerry’s concession was some consolation. It means that we won’t have to live through weeks of legal challenges as I feared. No matter which side of the vote you were on, you’ve got to give Kerry credit for his actions. And we also can be thankful that the nasty back-and-forth of the 2004 presidential campaigns is finally over. Life will go on.

In his victory speech, President Bush told supporters that “he was set to forge ahead on goals such as stabilizing Iraq and overhauling Social Security” and that “reaching these goals will require the broad support of Americans. … So today I want to speak to every person who voted for my opponent. To make this nation stronger and better, I will need your support, and I will work to earn it.”

Victory speeches are by and for the victors. We let the winner have his moment. I think President Bush’s speech was fine but four years ago he gave pretty much the same speech asking for support from us all. But aren’t we as divided now as we were then? And a large percentage of the electorate is in strong disagreement with decisions and policies made by the current administration over the past four years. If President Bush wants the support of “the rest of us” he’ll need to do more than just recycle four-year-old rhetoric.

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