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Where were you when…?

People remember where they were when a major event occurs. It connects them to the event and becomes a common connection to others. Sometimes these events are wonderful (the Sox win the World Series!) but often they’re disasters or major crimes.

I remember the big events but I’ve noticed that I try to make connections to smaller things. When I read about a violent crime or similar event in the newspaper, I try to remember where I was when it happened (e.g. “Gee I was mowing the lawn when that happened”). I’m not sure why I do this. Do I feel like I should have sensed that something was amiss? That’s either narcissistic or delusional. There are over six billion people on the planet. Lots and lots of bad things are happening right now. If someone was able to sense when bad things were happening elsewhere in the world, they’d either be driven mad or ignore the sensation since it’d be going off all of the time.

Note: as I commented in my last post, I’ve got a head cold which is making me feel woozy. Years ago I had a very high fever that produced some of the most vivid, nasty dreams I’ve ever had. Recently I read about a screen writer/director who wrote an entire screenplay inspired by his own fever dream. So I guess being sick can have benefits.

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