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Steve Jobs NeXTSTEP 3.0 demo

NeXT logoBack in 1992, Steve Jobs decided to do a demo video, about 30 minutes long, where he demonstrates the applications, networking abilities and development tools in NeXTSTEP 3.0. Here’s a link to the video in various formats. Since this a transfer from tape, the quality is okay but not great. It’s best to watch the large format video. The QuickTime version is about 34 MB. If you’ve never seen NeXTSTEP, take a look. The NeXT version of Lotus Improv makes a brief appearance early on.

A lot of what was cool and innovative in NeXTSTEP may be considered commonplace now but remember that this video was taped thirteen years ago! The computer used for the demo is a 33Mhz 68040 — probably 50-100 slower than the computer you’re using now.

In the same year this tape was made, Microsoft shipped Windows 3.1 — big news in the PC world but primitive stuff compared to NeXTSTEP. That difference was a major struggle when we ported Improv from NeXTSTEP to Windows. We had to take a huge step backwards and rethink how to fit Improv in less capable environment with a smaller screen. But the results were valuable; it brought Improv to a much wider audience. It’s just a shame that it’s took so many years to bring the power of NeXTSTEP to a wider audience.

Update: the original site is down. See here for a mirror of the Quicktime videos.

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