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Ned Batchelder action figure

My wife bought an inexpensive toy house for our younger son to help him with the idea of moving to a new house. The toy house includes a small family: mom, dad and baby. My son played with the house as boxes were being packed up and moved around him. I didn’t really look at it too carefully but then I noticed that the dad figure bore a striking resemblance to Ned Batchelder (see here). For the full effect, click here and see the entire action figure.

If you want a Ned action figure of your very own, you’ll have to buy the toy house. I found it online here. Maybe we can petition Fisher Price to sell Ned separately or add him to the pantheon of unusual action figures.

Note: for point of comparison, the toy wife looks nothing like Ned’s wife Sue. And Sue would never stand on the roof dangling a baby in her arms like the toy wife.

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