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Give One, Get One (Finally!)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I donated to the One Laptop Per Child Give One, Get One program (G1G1). And now, two months later, our OLPC XO laptop has finally arrived.

I haven’t had too much time to play with it but so far it’s been fun. The Sugar UI is different but not too hard to figure out. The applications (or as they call them, Activities) that are included are fun. And the OLPC wiki lists quite a few more that can be downloaded and installed. Getting Wifi working was a bit more complicated than with Windows or OS X. I had to use the command line since access points with hidden SSIDs aren’t supported by the XO’s network UI.

One thing that’s intriguing about the XO is using it as a ebook reader. Folding the screen back into “tablet mode” and turning off the backlighting you get a very crisp grayscale display. I’ve played with the Sony Reader and the XO screen in this mode looks just as nice. The XO includes a reader for PDFs as well as other ebook formats. Except for battery life, the XO”>compares
quite favorably to the Amazon Kindle.

One last thing, with the arrival of the XO, our home has reached a new milestone — we now have One Laptop Per Congdon.

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