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So, that happened

From the film State and Main:

[after emerging from an upside-down station wagon he has just crashed]
Bob Barrenger: So, that happened.

As you’ve probably heard, after a month of speculation, yesterday Microsoft announced its first ever layoffs. 1400 people yesterday. Another 3600 over the next 18 months. Far fewer than some had speculated but that’s likely cold comfort if you were one of the 1400. Fortunately I still have a job and there were no layoffs on my team.

New hires at Microsoft go through “new employee orientation” (NEO) sessions that are held weekly. The week, there were 200 people attending NEO. And hiring continued at a similar rate continued until the middle of last year. So up until then, 1400 people was roughly 7 weeks of hiring by Microsoft. There was no way that Microsoft could or should continue to hire like that, especially in the current economy. (Of course some people have been saying this since 2004).

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