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Old Tech

While visiting my parent in Florida last week, we set up a wireless router for their DSL connection. After getting everything working, I hooked up an ancient PowerMac to the router. This computer runs some old Mac software that my Mom still uses occasionally but it’s never been connected to anything faster than dialup. Changing the network configuration in the OS (Mac OS 8.6) to use the wired connection was a bit of a struggle but I did get it working. And then the fun began.

Have you tried to use a 10 year-old browser recently? Yikes. Few popular websites would render as anything remotely usable. I installed a somewhat newer browser (still from the last millenium). Rendering was a little better but it also had the bad habit of crashing the OS. Hard.

It’s pretty rare these days to have a misbehaving application cause an OS crash. The applications are isolated from each other and from the OS. My Treo runs PalmOS which has no such protection. The phone reboots or locks up from time-to-time due to application bugs. Very annoying. On my iPod touch, Safari crashes occasionally but it’s never caused the touch to reboot.

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