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Whad’Ya Win?

My son and I were talking about winning contests. He won a prize at a Super Bowl party last weekend and we were listing things that we’d won in the past. My list isn’t too impressive. I can remember winning two contests:

I bought a raffle ticket from a co-worker years ago and won a lawn glider. When they called and told me what I’d won, I had no idea what a lawn glider was. I imagined some sort of lawn toy. It’s actually more like a swinging picnic table. We didn’t own a house and had no place to put it so we gave it to friends who had just purchased their first home.

I also won a green GameBoy from a bottle of Surge soda back when I worked at Iris. My son was two at the time and loved playing with anything that had buttons and made noise so he got that (he called it his “gumboy”).

No big cash lotteries, no free trips, just a lawn glider and a gameboy.

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