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Lang.NET 2009

I didn’t attend the Lang.NET 2009 Symposium but I’ve been watching some of the presentations online. A few that stood out:

  • Jeffrey Snover on Powershell V2. I’ve been using Powershell since it was called Monad. I use it all of the time. There’s lots of cool stuff in V2 and it’s great to watch Powershell’s creator show them off.
  • Lars Bak on Google’s Javascript V8 engine. Lars Bak talks about the V8 engine used in Google Chrome. Lars has been behind lots of innovative VMs including Self, Strongtalk and Sun’s HotSpot. V8 builds hidden classes from JavaScript and performs dynamic native code generation rather than interpreting JavaScript.
  • Anders Hejlsberg on Co- and Contra-variance in C# 4.0 This is a narrow topic but interesting to me. Generics types in C# didn’t support co-variance which means that, for example, an object of type IEnumerable cannot be assigned to a variable of type IEnumerable even though string is a subtype of object. In C# 4.0 this will be supported.
  • John Rose on Method Handles and Interface Injection in the JVM The Da Vinci Machine Project is extending the Java VM with first-class support for languages other than Java, especially dynamic languages. One of those extensions is Method Handles which is quite similar to C# delegates.

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