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Unicode Snowman

The Miscellaneous Symbols plane of Unicode (2600–26FF) contains various glyphs including weather symbols: ☃ ☀ ☁ ☂ The snowman symbol indicates “snowy weather”. Combine the Unicode snowman with Internationalized Domain Names and you can have http://☃.net/, the Unicode Snowman web site. The Unicode standard doesn’t specify what the glyph is supposed to look like. Depending on what font is used, you may see a smiling snowman surrounded by a ring of snow balls or an unsmiling snowman wearing a hat that looks like a fez.

Note: since my blog posts are encoded as ISO-8859-1 rather than Unicode, the link above is actually which contains the Punycode version of the hostname.

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  1. Brooklyn says

    It is so awesome!

  2. Me says

    I am in love with this freakin’ snowman.!!!((: <3

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