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Andy Baio said:

Finally saw Inception last night. Incredible film, but it really needed more Dennis Quaid and giant lizard-men.

Wow, I’d completely forgotten about Dreamscape featuring a young Dennis Quaid and and a cheesy stop-motion Snakeman. It came out in 1984 and I’m fairly certain I saw it in the theater back then.

I just watched it again on Netflix. The special effects and film score didn’t age well but it’s not bad. Quaid plays a psychic who can enter people’s dreams (called dream-linking). He get entangled with a government agency that’s trying to use dream-linking to carry out assassinations.

The president is suffering from post-apocalyptic nightmares. In the first scene, he imagines his wife running away from New York City just as a mushroom cloud rises from Manhattan and the shock wave overtakes her. (Viewed in 2010, the most jarring part of this imagery isn’t the mushroom cloud or horrible green screen work, it’s seeing the World Trade Center towers in the NYC skyline). One of the president’s advisors thinks that these nightmares will cause him to sign an unfavorable nuclear disarmament treaty and so plots to have the president killed in his sleep while dreaming. Quaid is the “good guy” so you can see where this is headed.

Saw Inception? Looking for a film about messing with other people’s dreams and maybe want to revisit a cheesy hit from the 80s? Look no further than Dreamscape.

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