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Inception music

Inception posterChristopher Nolan’s new film Inception has been a huge hit at the box office. I think it’s a terrific film but I won’t go on and on about it. Too much hype can set unrealistic expectations. And too much detail can spoil it as well. (If you’re looking for spoilers, or have seen the film, there are plenty of reviews online).

I’ve watched it twice (it’s worth a second viewing). The second time I also was watching the audience’s reactions, especially for the ending. Both times as the film ended several people in the audience gasped, paused and then applauded. Applause after a movie is rare (and rarer still for a big budget Hollywood film) but it’s an acknowledgement of enjoying a shared experience.

Besides the great cast, amazing visuals and twisty/clever plot, Inception has a terrific film score by Hans Zimmer. The music used at the ending (called “Time”) was stuck in my head for a couple of days afterwards “forcing” me to buy the soundtrack. It’s a terrific soundtrack but I noticed something odd — the music for the third Inception trailer doesn’t appear on the soundtrack. While it’s not unusual for music used in trailers to be different, this sounds similar to Zimmer’s score but it’s not. The music created for the trailer (called “Mind Heist“) was done by Zack Hemsey, not Zimmer. (Hemsey addresses the confusion in a blog post).

Another interesting tidbit about the score: if you’ve seen the film, remember that music performed by Edith Piaf is used as a “musical countdown” in the movie? Apparently Zimmer’s score embeds a bit of this in an interesting way. (Oh, and who did cast member Marion Cotilliard play in La vie en rose? Edith Piaf).

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