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New phone

After several years of Treo phones and Sprint service, I finally made a change and got a new phone in early July. An iPhone 4. Our Sprint contract expired several months ago and due to spotty Sprint service in our house, we decided we wanted to switch to another service. We ordered two iPhones through AT&T but after a couple of weeks of use, my wife decided that she preferred a phone with a keyboard and replaced hers with a Palm Pre Plus.

This is my first iPhone. I’ve had an iPod touch for a year and a half so I was already comfortable with the UI. It’s nice to finally be able to carry one device that does everything that my Treo and iPod did — and more. And, at least in our experience, AT&T service has been solid. We haven’t travelled a lot in the last month but phone and 3G service has been great in Seattle and Portland. After we decided that AT&T worked fine for us, we added our son to the family plan. He got a Palm Pixi Plus. We signed up for the minimum family plan with unlimited text messaging since we use SMS pretty heavily. And mobile-to-mobile minutes are unlimited as well.

After playing with the Palm phones for a while, the Pre would definitely been my second choice for a new phone. The UI is slick and responsive. I’ve played with quite a few Android phones as well but never really warmed to the UI. Not bad but I think Palm’s WebOS is more consistent. It’s a shame that it hasn’t been more successful.

After a  month of using the iPhone 4, I’m still impressed — with the bright “retina” display, the speed, the apps, the camera and the battery life. My son and I have been using the Geocaching app with the built-in GPS which makes spur-of-the-moment geocaching trips easy. And we also used it quite a bit to get around Portland last weekend. The MapQuest app is quite nice, and free too!

I got a “bumper” case when I bought the phone so I’ve never had an issues with the antenna. I prefer the flat back of the iPhone4 over the curved shape of the older iPhones and iPod touch but I sometimes can’t tell which side is which when I reach for it in my pocket.

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