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Where In The World Is Bob?

There’s been quite a lot of press coverage about an undisclosed feature in iOS 4 to track the location of an iPhone or iPad on an ongoing basis, storing the data to a hidden file in the form of latitude and longitude and a timestamp for each point. Apparently Android stores the same type of location information, but, unlike iOS, Android’s cache only contains recent entries. So maybe this is just an iOS bug.

I’ve had an iPhone since last July and was curious to see what location information it had recorded. So I downloaded Peter Warden’s iPhoneTracker app. Here are the results:

No big surprises. Since last July when I got the phone I’ve spent most of my time in the Seattle area. I also traveled to Florida, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona. All of these trip show up on the map as well as Dallas where we stopped over on our way to Florida.

Zooming into the Seattle area, I recognize trips that we took to the Oregon Coast, Portland., Whidbey Island and Snoqualmie.

I’ve been able to account for all of the locations that appear except for this cluster of points from last August:
That’s weird. I don’t remember being in Cupertino last year. Since Apple is based in Cupertino it seems like an odd coincidence that my only unaccounted-for location data is in Cupertino. The plot thickens…

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  1. Pat says

    Have you come up with a reason why “Cupertino” shows up on your location data?!

  2. Bob says

    No idea why it included Cupertino. Coincidentally, I was in Cupertino last week so maybe it knew that I was going to go there soon 😉

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